comprehensive services (ICS)

Established in 2005, IABA Comprehensive Services is an integration of IABA’s behavioral community day and supported employment program (STEP) and IABA’s social and community integration supported living program (SCIP), established in 1985 and 1990 respectively. Like the pioneering programs before it, ICS provides the most advanced and highest possible quality services in support of people with challenging behavior. Our goal is to assure the highest quality of life possible for the people we serve by enabling them to live regular lives in natural settings with full, positive and valued community presence and participation.

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crisis prevention and resolution services (CPRS)

IABA Crisis Prevention & Resolution Services (CPRS) was developed in 2006 as a prevention-strong training and consultation service for agencies contracted with a Regional Center. The aim of CPRS is the significant reduction of Regional Center clients needing hospitalization or institutional placements. CPRS’s core components include: an orientation to positive practices (agency participation at the 4-Day introductory program), prevention services (assistance to agencies in developing a Periodic Service Review, increasing the density of preferred events for the individuals served, specific case training, etc), crisis resolution services (implementation of a crisis resolution plan, supplemental side-by-side supports, etc) and intensive support (comprehensive functional assessment and multi-element plan development and implementation and transfer of responsibility).

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training and dissemination

IABA-North provides training seminars and institutes that are appropriate for anyone who is interested in learning to support people with challenging behavior using person-centered, non-aversive approaches. IABA-North offers trainings on the core competencies associated with supporting individuals with developmental disabilities as well as other issues salient to individuals, families and professionals regarding disability services.

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wrap-around services (IWAS)

IABA-North Wrap Around Services (IWAS) is designed to provide comprehensive functional assessments and recommend positive support plans to children and adolescents with severe and challenging behavior. IWAS additionally provides consultation and intensive behavioral support to children and adolescents in both home and school settings.

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parent and key social care provider (KSCP) training

A twelve to sixteen-hour course for family members and other appropriate KSCP to learn the basic principles of behavior management, to develop a framework for looking at the focus individual’s behavior now and in the future, and to develop an understanding of how behavioral services and consultation work.

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research institute

Since launching its Research Program in 1998, IABA has developed, validated, published and disseminated research in the areas of positive practices and non-linear behavior analysis. IABA-North’s Research Institute continues that focus, with the added emphasis on organizational behavior management.

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additional services include

• Behavioral Consultation
• Comprehensive Behavior Assessment and
• Multi-element Support Plan
• Positive Future’s Planning and Personal Profiling
• Service Designs and Program Evaluation
• Customized Employment
• Adaptive Skills Training

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IABA North locations

IABA – North
Lori Ann Dotson, Director
(510) 569-8811 • (click)

IABA-North Regional Office:
Oakland, CA
8393 Capwell Drive, Suite 180
Oakland, California 94621
Phone: (510) 569-8811 • Fax: (510) 569-8817

Petaluma, CA
921 Transport Way, Suite 14
Petaluma, California 94954

Kathryn Edwards, Assistant Director/Intake
(510) 569-8811 • (click)

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IABA North, with offices in Oakland, Napa and Petaluma CA, offers the following services to help support and improved the lives of individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities.


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