supported employment

Building relationships with communities to provide creative individualized employment opportunities.

STEP believes that paid community employment is a viable option for all individuals, regardless of the severity of his/her disability or behavioral challenges.

Employment-Related Services Include:
• Individualized Job Development and Placement
• Systematic Job Training
• Job Coaching support tailored to meet individual’s needs
• Advocacy & Support within the work environment
• Reporting of work earnings to Social Security
• Vocational assessments
• Job searches, job preparation and development

We provide on the job training and support to the individuals we support

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community inclusion

STEP presents a variety of opportunities for people to be involved in their communities through their choices.

• Utilizing Public Transportation Safely
• Volunteer Work Opportunities
• Taking Community College Courses
• Involvement in Recreational Opportunities

• Learning Emergency & Safety Skills

“STEP has dramatically changed my life. I am pleased to be a part of the program” –STEP Participant

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non-aversive behavior intervention

STEP services are provided to individuals with a range of behavioral challenges typically associated with severe learning difficulties, intellectual disabilities, autism, severe emotional disabilities and psychosis.

Examples include:
• Teaching new skills through prompts, assistance, or positive reinforcement, with an
emphasis on errorless learning.
• Teaching appropriate replacement behaviors and skills
• A multi-element approach to address the needs of the whole person
• Strict adherence to positive intervention strategies only; punishment or other aversive
strategies are not utilized


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success in the workplace

STEP gives persons with disabilities an opportunity to:
• Become self-reliant and productive members of society.
• Gain dignity of maintaining a paid job.
• Work and interact with non-disabled persons.
• Contribute to the economy of their community
• Opportunity to be fully included in community and work environments


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STEP locations

Jennifer Ritchie, Director
(714) 543-8540 • (click)
For Intake & Referrals Contact:
Gracen Rhodes, Senior Manager, Intake Contact, (714) 543-8540 Ext. 208 • (click)

Los Angeles Office
5777 W. Century Blvd., Suite 675, Los Angeles, CA 90045 (map)
(310) 649-0499

Orange County Office
2333 N. Broadway, Suite 100, Santa Ana, CA 92706 (map)
(714) 543-8540

Laguna Niguel Office
30011 Ivy Glenn Drive, Suite 125, Laguna Niguel, CA 92677 (map)
(949) 218-3888

North Los Angeles Office
19510 Ventura Blvd., Suite 204, Tarzana, CA 91356 (map)
(818) 881-1933

Ventura County Office
2301 E. Daily Drive, Suite 201, Camarillo, CA 93010 (map)
(805) 987-5886


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Health Ins Bug


STEP services

Employment and Community-Based
Behavior Day Service for Individuals
with Developmental Disabilities

We are dedicated to finding competitive work
for a large group of individuals with the skills and abilities, who are willing and able to do
the job.

There are millions of people with disabilities who are not employed but want to be. We are reducing that number by finding competitive employment opportunities.

Participants include adults with developmental disabilities who qualify for Regional Center services.

Referrals and Funding are generated through Regional Center. Clients and families are encouraged to inquire and/or tour the program.

Participants to Staff Ratios include 3:1, 2:1 and 1:1. This is individually determined based on cognitive, physical or behavioral support needs.

Services are Provided:
• In Community-based settings
• Up to 6 hours per day, Monday through Friday
• Transitional or other adapted schedules can be arranged
based on individual needs

Service Areas Include:
• Los Angeles County - Westside, South Central, Harbor and
Lanterman Regional Centers
• Orange County - Regional Center of Orange County
• San Fernando Valley - North Los Angeles Regional Center
• Ventura County - Tri-Counties Regional Center.


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