The Periodic Service Review: A Total Quality Assurance System for Human Services & Education

Gary W. LaVigna, Thomas J. Willis, Julia F. Shaull, Maryam Abedi, Melissa Sweitzer

Evolving from more than a decade of work at IABA, this book provides the tools needed to enhance and maintain high quality service delivery. Translating the principles of effective management into concrete policies and procedures, the Periodic Service Review (PSR) acts as both an instrument and a system. As an instrument, the PSR provides easy to follow score sheets to assess staff performance and the quality of services provided. As a system, it guides managers step-by-step through 4 interrelated elements - performance standards, performance monitoring, performance feedback, and systematic training - to offer an ongoing process for ensuring staff consistency and a high level of quality for services and programs. Practical examples show how the PSR is applied to group home, supported living, classroom, and supported employment settings, and the helpful appendices provide numerous tables and charts that can easily be tailored to a variety of programs.

© 1994 / paper, $39.95 / ISBN 1-55766-142-1