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Positive Behavior Support: From Core Values to Core Practice

Create a Safe, Effective and Enjoyable
environment for all involved

18-Hour Positive Behavior Support workshop: This hands-on workshop covers the basic concepts of behaviorism and Positive Behavior Support practices, along with implementation of strategies based on IABA\'s Multi-Element Model, including skills teaching and behavior reduction strategies. The workshop will also provide orientation to generic Positive Behavior Supports applicable to a variety of situations. In addition, data collection strategies and behavior incident reports will be discussed and practiced and role-plays of various situations will provide hands-on experience. Participants will receive a Certificate certifying they have completed a 18-Hour workshop in \'Positive Behavior Support: From Core Values to Core Practice\' and passed the associated knowledge tests.

The Positive Behavior Support training provides an evidence-based model which includes person-centered, non-aversive methods to prevent and respond to behaviors of concern. The training is designed to facilitate service providers as they create and deliver safe, effective, and enjoyable supports for individuals with behaviors of concern.

Training Objectives

DAY 1: Basics of Applied Behavior Analysis

You will learn to:

  • Understand what ABA is;
  • Identify and define behaviors of concern, aka challenging behavior;
  • Utilize the ABCs of behaviorism;
  • Understand the concepts of reinforcers;
  • Identify the reasons for behaviors of concern;
  • Understand the concept of Episodic Severity;
  • Use Data-Based decision making

DAY 2: The Multi-Element Model (MEM)

You will learn to:

  • Understand Positive Behavior Support;
  • Define all parts of the MEM;
  • Identify Proactive Strategies;
  • Identify Focused Support Strategies;
  • Identify Replacement Skill Teaching procedures;
  • Identify Reactive Strategies;
  • Identify alternatives to punishment

DAY 3: Positive Behavior Practices and Role-Plays

You will learn to:

  • Create Safe, Effective, and Enjoyable support strategies;
  • Implement various generic positive behavioral supports;
  • Link reasons for behavior(s) of concern with appropriate strategies;
  • Ensure staff consistency with program implementation using visual feedback;
  • Identify changes necessary to make supports maximally effective

Continuing Education for BCBAs available




Dr. Hughes is a licensed Clinical Psychologist and Clinical Director of the Institute for Applied Behavior Analysis in Los Angeles, California. She spends much of her time as a guest lecturer, training personnel in school districts and service organizations regarding positive behavior practices, group behavior intervention, the design of comprehensive curriculum plans, and The Behavioral-Developmental Model. She specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of pervasive developmental disorders, including individuals on the Autism Spectrum, the creation of training programs for professionals and parents, and the continued refinement of IABA\'s comprehensive behavioral­ developmental curriculum.


  • "Lizzie\'s delivery was fluid and this was indicative of her depth of knowledge of this body of work. It offered a comprehensive program which can be easily applied to a case. I liked the case scenarios we worked through... It had all the elements of a good presentation for me. I felt that I walked out with a good tool... Thank you."
  • "Lizzie was incredibly entertaining and incredibly knowledgeable - a rare combination."
  • "Lizzie gave examples from preschool to elderly - varying diagnoses, varying settings, and varied intervention type. Really all bases were covered, everyone got their clinical needs met and questions answered."
  • "The writing plans practice where Lizzie could guide us step by step and then correct errors in real time was one of the most helpful training opportunities I have had in my entire career."

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