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Positive Practices in Behavioral Support Through Nonlinear Applied Behavior Analysis:
an evidence-based model of positive behavior support

Presented by: Gary W. LaVigna, Ph.D., BCBA-D and Thomas J. Willis, Ph.D., co-founders of IABA®

This LINK will take you a preview of the video series on Positive Practices in Behavioral Support Through Nonlinar Applied Behavior Analysis: An Evidence-Based Model of Positive Behavior Support
presented by Gary W. LaVigna, Ph.D., BCBA-D

This professionally recorded lecture series is divided into 4 Modules. At the end of each Module, participants are presented with a knowledge test. Click on the Brochure button below to see the list of each Module and the "run-time" of each lecture.

Each Module costs $125.00 (USD) for 10 days access. You can pay by credit card when registering online. If you want your agency to be invoiced, you can contact Dan Dube to make arrangements. Email Dan.

Type 2 Continuing Education Credit for BCBA\'s is Available. IABA is an approved BACB continuing education provider (ACE Provider number is OP-02-0027).

Click HERE to download the detailed instructions on setting up your account.

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"Jargon Free" Lecture on Positive Behavioral Support

Gary W. LaVigna, Ph.D., BCBA-D

This is a "Jargon Free" discussion of the multielement model and the use of positive behavioral supports to improve the quality of life for indivduals who have complex and challenging behavior. We present this an introduction to the professional training that we provide and we invite you to view this 2-part lecture. There is no cost.

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